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The Science of Spelling

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Once again, Richard Gentry revolutionizes how you think about spelling instruction. The Science of Spelling breaks down preconceptions and misconceptions about how kids learn to spell, making startling new connections between orthography and literacy. Think that reading builds strong spellers? Through up-to-the-moment research, Gentry reveals that the opposite is true, that children use early spelling cognition to break the reading code. In fact, you’ll discover that spelling is no longer a sidebar of writing and revision instruction, but a crucial strategy for teaching every aspect of literacy to all readers and writers.

Best of all, Gentry’s research also leads to new, powerful implications about the teaching of spelling, and he offers techniques and insight that will change your lesson planning, including how-tos for:

  • identifying, through spelling, what level of emergent writing a student has attained
  • using scaffolding, hand and finger spelling, letter boxes, and other instructional devices appropriately
  • managing word lists and word sorts
  • differentiating spelling instruction and assessment
  • evaluating spelling books and finding alternatives to traditional spelling resources
  • teaching phonemic awareness and phonics through spelling.

Plus Gentry includes all the research-based forms, rubrics, and tools you’ll need to put his ideas to work right away. Deepen your spelling instruction, enhance your students’ ability to connect the words they see to what they understand and what they write, and see for yourself the hidden power behind the science of spelling.

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J. Richard Gentry